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Updated: Feb 27

Life is troubling these days to say the least. But great just the same.

I can't quite explain what's happened but I looked at a mirror and went bonkers.

Quantum Entanglement. I haven't studied it myself but little particles of you and me and all of us could be intertwined, regardless of how far away we are from one another. Not sure. Little bits back and fourth between us. This may account for some of the unexplainable things in life or there is just a lot of overlap and we have more in common than we tend to think.

I ended up on some sort of date or something. With a person I have no interest in seeing again but they had a gorgeous smile and I'm thinking about it. My art popped up on my phone when I went to the photo section so, it looked like I had an active hobby. Thank goodness because he's homeless and has met Big Foot so naturally, I nearly felt boring around him.

I still cannot explain the darkness and the beauty that I have experienced these past months but I have new and old friends and many are doing well, all are on their path and every time I believe in miracles, a Monarch Butterfly appears... and I fear a tooth implant (It's a long story for another time)



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