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First time around clown

Today, on an assignment, I went out and saw the world for the first time, here are some observations.

Cars are strange beasts, not frightening at all eventough they are large creatures that make loud noises and they come surprisingly close! But they seem to pass by without notice...So they clearly aren't predators though I had the distinct feeling not to approach them myself, even the sleeping ones that lined the streets.

Seeing flowers for the first time is not much different, they are just as wonderous and bright and beautiful as they are when you see them again and again.

People are skiddish creatures, unlike cars I had the sense that I could approach! but alas when I did they would make terrible faces or retreat quite quickly, leaving a faint unpleasent impression behind them.

Swaths of colourful fabric covered most people and filled countless cubicles and the stuff feels just as mesmerizing as it looks and I enjoyed feeling around it with every part of my body but again, the terrible faces people made when I did this was enough to discourage me from enjoying this too much.

The world is a noisy place and it was hard to distinguish sound as I couldn't touch it the same way I could the things I saw.

All in all, seeing everything for the first time was pretty interesting.

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