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Updated: Feb 27

I have made a number of videos this year but only a few are comfortable for me to share.

A number of video's are long rants about criminal networks that may or may not exist and where I implicate a number or potential perpetrators and victims who may or may not be involved. I wont post any of these.

About this: I have had two longish bouts of paranoid psychosis.

This is not to say that mental health is a legitimate reason for withholding my videos, opinions or stories, it's not but I just don't think they're watchable.

On that tangent, I notice that people in paranoid states, myself included are pretty self-centered and hard to deal with and this is often chalked up to their mental state, which is sort of is but more so, it's the frustration of having an alternate experience because all of a sudden, everyone gets to tell you that the things you just experienced, didn't happen. They did.

Mental health illness doesn't give anyone a right to tell me that something I'm saying about my experience isn't true, especially If they weren't there also.

You should however, always be able to tell someone, myself included that what they are saying ABOUT YOU isn't true.

And also, a lot of times something I'm saying turns out not to be true but there are valid reasons I can get to thinking that and it helps if you ask questions about my experience of why I think something is true if you don't believe it's fathomable and listen to my answers and then maybe I will reflect in ways I haven't yet and come to a new conclusion and maybe you will also.

If you tell me you went grocery shopping, I cannot tell you that you didn't.

If I tell you I have aliens living with me, you cannot tell me I don't.

If we live together or are sharing space somehow then reality can only be accurately assessed by taking into account both perspectives and experiences. If I see there are no new groceries and you still have pajamas on, or you don't experience the aliens despite shared space, we can ask one another about the discrepancies and we may each come to a new understanding and/ respect for the situation at hand. In other words your reality is delusional to some degree also, any time you have no space to consider another.

People on the paranoid side of things would be served by approaching things in a less defensive manner (in a calm voice) but they can expect that is futile which gets them nowhere and those whom are expressing themselves in ways where all ears are listening would be responsible in recognizing that privilege and take action to being a non oppressive person by not taking advantage of the power dynamic and throwing the “alternative or unconventional reality” under the bus just to win, that's when we start screaming and demanding we be heard.  Paranoid people and delusional perfect people should apologize for their mistakes.

I personally have asked nicely many times and mostly I get upturned noses and no questions, only denial bearing down on me and I wonder why everyone is so offended that they don't see magical things and I DO.

I didn't want to upload any of my videos today

Will try to upload more soon.

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