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Schizophrenia (states of being with a label)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Shay lives with a creature...he rapes her.

He controls her.

He has a name, Pete

She didn't call me for a month because he made her stand in the corner all day; otherwise he was going to blow her up with a bomb in her TV. She said he made her sleep on the floor.

She fears him...but she loves him too he is her companion.

They have fun together. When she drinks or does drugs, he gets high too.

If she eats meat he goes insane and becomes enraged.

He is the only one who "really talks to her"...besides me, she says.

I cannot see him but I tell her I know she does, She also tells me Justin Bieber crawls into her window and that it is a positive experience, he also reverses his age and really loves her.

People are told not to Play into these "delusions" but I do ask how Pete...and Justin for that matter, are doing.

Shay said recently that Pete was "being nicer to her lately"...she said it was because, prior he had been frustrated she wasn't communicating with him properly and wanted her to understand him. Shay, like the rest of us was trying to ignore him away and that made him angry I suppose.

As I suspected, it's better not to ignore what's really going on inside or outside any of us.

"They want you to get to know them...Once you acknowledge them and stop trying to make them go away they will become kinder".

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